Roleplaying Thoughts: Word choice


Good evening!

Tonight, I thought I’d expand a little on my last write-up on style. Specifically, I’d like to share a thought or two with you on choosing one’s words for a post. What follows is mostly my own personal preference, and by no means a strict guide as to what is right for you and what isn’t.

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An anonymous reader asks,

I am currently a little new to the ERP world, and RP in general. I find that, because I am new, I worry that my lack experience would make it difficult to RP/ERP with people who have much more experience. From lingo, to format, to even making the experience seem natural, can be intimidating to those of us just starting off. Are there any tips or suggestions that you can recommend to make the feeling feel a little less overwhelming for those who are just starting off into the world of RP?

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A special Dear Kat

Note: While the planned format is to answer several questions in one article; this one touches on such a personal level that I really wanted to devote a whole post to it.

Dear Kat,

I’m a long time roleplayer going through what I know isn’t a unique experience. Late last year my favorite MMO for roleplaying in was closed. Since then myself and an entire community of roleplayers have been jumping from MMO to MMO trying to find something that compares and something we can call home. Some have settled in just about every game out there, while some have given up on MMOs all together. How do you deal with this kind of loss? Do you ever really move on from that one great love?

Thank you,

Wandering Hero
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Please don’t mind the dust!



Welcome to “Dear Kat” – as the title states, I intend this to be an ‘advice column for roleplayers’ first and foremost; and an occasional resource for other things RP-related on the side. I’m still working on the theme, format, layout – all those wonderful things that can make or break a publication. If you have any suggestions or feedback; either on the items listed above or on the very idea itself – please feel free to contact me!

Though not officially “done and ready” just yet; you’re welcome to start asking questions! To keep things paced and potentially avoid a great spamming of entries, the current idea is to answer and publish a handful of questions each day. But, like everything else with this – that could very well change.