About The Column

Dear Kat is an idea I’ve had rolling about in my head for a couple of years now. What really inspired me to finally do something with it was looking over various PostSecret-style sites, seeing so many earnest questions and tough situations posted by all these anonymous people in regards to roleplay, people they roleplay with, and various types of roleplay they wanted to try – and dearly wishing I had a way to give these people some comfort and encouragement!

To that end, I’ve included the option to ask your questions anonymously. No RP-related topic is truly off-limits here. Day-to-day RP, erotic RP, out-of-character relationships with people you RP with – ask it all! I will do my positive best to answer.

Online RP can be daunting at times; and downright frightening or emotional at others. No-one should have to venture through it all on their lonesome.


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