Dear Kat; Exits

An anonymous reader asks,

Dear Kat,

I’m in a bit of a predicament. I absolutely love role-playing with one of my friends, however, our scenes usually end with one of us having to go and neither of our characters exiting. This makes it irksome for the other person, as they don’t know what to assume has happened after the other has logged. How do I ask them, and how might I go about making better exits?


Dear Anon,

The dissonance between real-time and in-character time is certainly one of the trickiest issues we dance around as roleplayers! How we work around it, exactly, is one of those things better suited to each individual circumstance as opposed to a general rule of thumb – but I’ll be happy to share how I go about mine in the hopes that it helps!

One of the first things I would ask is whether or not a scene really needs to ‘end’ at that particular moment – or if it’s something you and your friend can pick up right from where you left off the next day; when you’ll have time to plot a satisfying way to close the curtains. Not only would this allow ample time for a proper exit – there’d be much less pressure upon both of you to see any particular plot points brought about while there’s time!

If that’s not feasible; or if it simply isn’t to your tastes – then think of it from the character’s points of view: Is there any reason either character would make their exit at that particular moment? If not, then perhaps a little discussion the following day about where things could have gone would  be warranted – as it sounds like you’ve been doing!

Alternatively, if you and your friend liked; you could take these talks and turn them into something to look forward to! They could turn into something like a post-script for the RPs you two are enjoying so much – a chance to reflect, remind, and remember fondly the good time you had the day before in preparation for the day ahead.

Ultimately, whatever suits the characters and their motives will provide the best answers – but when those don’t apply; then whatever makes a happy medium for you and your friend will do equally well!

When it comes to the asking; be honest to how you’re feeling and why you feel that way – but be warm and encouraging; make it clear that you adore this person and/or their RP and that your intent is to smooth the road for the both of you.

Best of luck to you! A steady, wanted partner can be the backbone of truly fantastic RP; and it sounds like you have both! There isn’t a lot of trouble I *wouldn’t* go through to keep something like that.

Unable to resist a “stage left” reference,


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