Playing Nice: Communication



I’d like to step away from the musings on in-character to talk a little instead about the relationships we form as players. Not everyone ventures into the out-of-character; getting to know those they roleplay with and perhaps even come to call them friends – but some of us do! And it comes as a double-edged sword that can both enhance our roleplay experience – or damper it when things don’t quite work out

One of the keys to any brand of relationship; be it friendship or something even deeper – is communication. It can be daunting, yes – opening ourselves up and being frank in the face of others is one of the hardest things a human being can do. We lay ourselves bare with little defense from what judgement may come our way!

Yet, when something nags at us – when fear and anxiety begin to creep into the back of our minds and gnaw at them as they steadily grow worse – the best thing, ultimately, that we can do is to give voice to those thoughts in a way that assumes nothing and wishes only to be honest.

Are you worried that your RP isn’t up to par for someone? Ask!

Do you want something specific out of the RP, but aren’t sure what the other person would think? Ask!

Is there something about the RP that bothers you – perhaps some part of it that you don’t enjoy?  Say something!

Together, reasonable people can either overcome these and so many other hurdles by simply speaking to one another in a gentle, open-minded manner. At worst, they might agree to disagree – and it will be up to them whether it’s something they can bear or something that they must part ways over.

Either, however, is better than the alternative – better than being stuck in an unhappy place; while the other person is left with no clue as to why. It’s true, sometimes our worries may seem silly even to us – but if you can trust another to be understanding, instead of judgemental, then a few moments of uncertainty is a fair trade for peace-of-mind and a happy, healthy RP.

A short word before I sign off: For now, I’m going to stick as best I can to a Monday/Friday update schedule. Understandably, I havn’t yet been getting any questions to answer – so things will be a little spaced out until there’s more to regularly put in.

Speaking my mind so that you might speak yours,



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