An anonymous reader asks,

I am currently a little new to the ERP world, and RP in general. I find that, because I am new, I worry that my lack experience would make it difficult to RP/ERP with people who have much more experience. From lingo, to format, to even making the experience seem natural, can be intimidating to those of us just starting off. Are there any tips or suggestions that you can recommend to make the feeling feel a little less overwhelming for those who are just starting off into the world of RP?


Dear Reader,

Getting your feet wet for the first time is one of the most daunting experiences we’ll ever have in roleplay; but, thankfully, there are indeed ways to alleviate some of the pressure! Roleplay is, at its heart, a social activity.

Even if we aren’t speaking to the person at the other end directly, we’re still sharing something with them. Sometimes that something is quite intimate!

To that end, the best way to make a good start, I feel, is to find someone you’re comfortable with. To venture out into the RP community (or communities) that you want to engage in; and making some friends! People who you trust to be understanding; to help you along rather than to judge. That, combined with the drive to improve, is the kind of thing that helped make those roleplayers whose writing we respect and envy into what we see them as today.

You could also take some time to get familiar with your own character – or, if you’re an alt-o-holic like me – characters!  They don’t need to be the most impressive faces to grace the world of collaborative writing; just something that you genuinely want to play – someone for whom you have ideas. If a player is motivated to play; to develop and experience – that will shine through any inexperience and practically bring the RP to you!

No matter the type of RP; so long as you can find a comfortable place where you and those around you are having fun – the rest will practically write itself in the process. Just remember those two basic foundations: character and drive – and those fingers will be frantically flying over the keyboard in no time.

Wishing you many countless hours of RP to come,



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