A special Dear Kat

Note: While the planned format is to answer several questions in one article; this one touches on such a personal level that I really wanted to devote a whole post to it.

Dear Kat,

I’m a long time roleplayer going through what I know isn’t a unique experience. Late last year my favorite MMO for roleplaying in was closed. Since then myself and an entire community of roleplayers have been jumping from MMO to MMO trying to find something that compares and something we can call home. Some have settled in just about every game out there, while some have given up on MMOs all together. How do you deal with this kind of loss? Do you ever really move on from that one great love?

Thank you,

Wandering Hero


Dear Wandering Hero,

The loss of Paragon City was an enormous loss to us all! I could sing the praises of that RP community all day and night; but what we ultimately lost was home. It was more than just a community for us; it was the place we looked forward to going after a long day at work: and where so many characters of all stripes lived, breathed, and loved. Even now, several months later, I find myself pining for my home again – wishing that every place I’ve settled since could come close to matching it.

In the end, it falls upon those of us who lost to have to rebuild again. To make somewhere else home; rather than wish that elsewhere could live up to our expectations. It’s never easy, and it’s never quick – but it makes the reward all the sweeter!

I don’t think we ever “move on”, per se, so much as we finally reach a point where we can look back on our experiences – the home that we lost – with less pain and more inspiration. Dealing with that pain is the toughest part; and this very column is, in fact, partly born of my own personal attempts to deal with that loss by immersing myself in a new and exciting project.

Keep your friends close, and your memories fond. There may never be another Paragon; but there will always be creative, colorful roleplayers looking to build a home together.

Remembering AP 33,


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