Roleplaying Thoughts: Style


Good afternoon,

Today, I’d like to borrow a few moments of your time to put out a few thoughts on one of the most daunting aspects of online roleplay: one’s very own style!

So, what *is* a roleplaying “style”, exactly? It’s a lot of things, actually! From the words one uses to the way in which they put those words together, every little piece of thought that goes into a post can be considered part of a person’s personal style of roleplaying.

When you first leap into the world of roleplay; you might not have developed your personal style just yet. Rest assured, it’s there – waiting to be drawn out and nurtured through experience and insight. The more you play your characters, the more your style will develop into something uniquely palatable – and the people whom you RP with may have an impact upon this. You’ll find people whose style you greatly enjoy; and perhaps you’ll try to emulate aspects of it – and eventually make them your own. And this brings me to the point that brought this article to mind:

When thinking about your personal style; think about the things you enjoy – and then ask yourself why it is that you enjoy those things. They’ll give you valuable insight into what motivates you; into what truly sparks the creative process in your brain. Nevermind whether it’s “good” or “bad” – when it comes to style, it’s almost impossible to go wrong!  No matter what your style is; someone out there will be looking for someone just like you. Rather than engage yourself in roleplay you aren’t enjoying because someone told you it’s the correct way to do things; find someone – or a whole lot of someones – with whom you do enjoy roleplaying with.

Roleplay is creative. Roleplay is emotional. Roleplay is intense. Above all else, however, roleplay should be fun!


Offer your own answers or support!

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